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Orange City United Methodist Church

Located on the corner of E. University and Thorpe, Orange City UMC has been a part of the Orange City community for more than 140 years. The church is founded on a history of service and witness while our eyes are set toward the continued growth of God’s Kingdom here in Central Florida.

Founded in 1877, Orange City UMC began as a church of the St. John’s River Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  In March 1880, it was decided that a church building was needed and one was erected in 1881.  From 1918 until 1923, Rev. Lawrence Radcliffe held services in Orange City on Sunday afternoon while serving as pastor of First UMC in Deland.  In 1924, Rev. Ray Pierson was appointed to Orange City, and by the next year the congregation “had completely overwhelmed the little building.”  A new sanctuary was dedicated in 1926.  The church grew for a number of years, becoming a part of the Lake Helen – Orange City circuit.  In 1955, a fellowship hall was completed that serves as the Youth Building today.  In 1966, the first full-time pastor was appointed.  A new Sanctuary was completed in 1976 and a new Fellowship Hall was built soon after.  In 1998, a new Education Building was completed which also houses the church offices.  Today, we continue to strive to grow in spirit and service as we Reach, Serve, and Love like Jesus.